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To Do List:
-Art Trade with StarBlasts
-Art Trade with ChibiFoxGirl
-Request for wADr5535



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Any points given are really appreciated. I can maybe offer requests to people who donate if they want :3

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Note me if interested. But do take into consideration that I mostly use art trades and requests as a way to experiment with new art styles or mediums . However I am not one to screw someone else over so if I experiment and it doesn't go well, I will redo it in a way that will look better for both of our sakes XD  

I will draw:
-Animals, monsters or creatures
-Some fanart

I Will not draw:
-Fan characters (This varies with me so ask first because some fandoms I will do and others I won't, the answer should usually be yes though)
-Pairings or ships
-Inappropriate or sexual content (mainly because I can't draw it lol)
-Explicit Gore (also cannot draw this)
-No "emo" or "scene" characters please

I am far more selective with requests than I am with art trades. I will usually say yes to an art trade but on requests I only accept things I have an idea in mind for. Please note that if I do take your request and I currently have art trades to work on as well, I will finish the art trades first. Requests will often be completed in the order that they were received.

Please note I will not draw anything from a base or doll maker as reference

Art Trades:
My Half:…

My Half:…
Their Half:…

My progress: 45% Lined and being colored

My progress: 0%

1. 98tw Progress: Incomplete due to requester's account being deactivated.

2. ThePainFadesAway: COMPLETE.
Troll FC

3. wADr5535: 65% One character lined and colored. Second one is sketched.
Pony FCs

Check back to this journal occasionally to see how far I am on my side of the trade. I'll post my progress in percentages as I go and once I finish it, I will note you. However, I will not post my end until the other person has finished their end as well. Take no offense, I am just trying to prevent any asshole who might start a trade to get free art from getting their way. In no way do I think my art is worth money I just don't want anyone who would do something like that from benefiting for IT IS UNJUST RAHHHHH.


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United States
SUP I'm ThunderSpade. I like cats, derpy things and cute things I can hug that make noises when I do. I like watching cartoons, drawing, reading and roleplaying with friends. My comic book collection could eat me. I also like Pokemon, the Tales series, Golden Sun and a lot more RPGs. Anyways thanks for visiting my page, hope it was worth your while :'3


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